Canada's Hamas sympathizers continue to stir anti-Semitic hate, and local police don't seem to care

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Tonight, Ezra covers more anti-Semitic hate by Canada's Hamas sycophants.

Over the weekend, another regularly scheduled Hamas hate march commenced. This time, they targeted a synagogue north of Toronto with an extreme noisemaker.

The Hamas charter remains unwavering in their calls to exterminate the Jews. And their attempts to normalize anti-Semitism has not gone unnoticed.

One such protestor gave to her child an extreme noisemaker that when deployed can cause serious injury. Frankly speaking, it's not just a noisemaker. It is a weapon.

It is akin to shooting a laser pointer directly into someone's eyes. You don't need to punch someone to commit assault and battery. Local law enforcement saw this and of course, did nothing.

Reminiscent of Toronto, local police did nothing to prevent those allied with Hamas from cordoning off an entire Jewish neighbourhood. Instead of enforcing the law, they brought coffee to reward them for their efforts.

Another such instant shows a woman on the pro-Hamas side hit a police officer. Her fellow supporters intervened following an attempted arrest through sheer physical force. And the police just let that happen.

GUEST: Barbara Kay, columnist at the National Post on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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