Police state? Perhaps you love Chris Sky; maybe you loathe him. But the ongoing harassment he’s receiving from law enforcement is egregious

The latest incident was last week when Sky was ordered to turn himself into a Toronto Police division.

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Toronto mayoral candidate/freedom fighter Chris Sky is many things to many people. There are those who consider him to be a champion in terms of standing up for the rights of individuals, especially during the brutal COVID-19 lockdowns. Alas, the “COVID-Karens” – i.e., those individuals who like being told what to do by big government and big pharma and big mainstream media – well, they don’t very much care for the Chris Sky narrative.

Yet, why is it that even now in 2023, with COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, Chris Sky continues to get harassed by law enforcement?

The latest incident was last week when Sky was ordered to turn himself into a Toronto Police division. For the third time, Sky was being charged with uttering threats. Just one hitch: there is precious little evidence readily available to indicate that Sky uttered any threats at all. Says he: “In every single instance [of allegedly uttering threats] the supposed threat that I allegedly uttered was on a phone call that was not recorded, and the only evidence of the supposed threat was the person’s good word.”

For the record, Sky has been charged more than 70 times with various offences; all of which were dismissed in his favour.

“How does somebody [get] charged 72 times and get zero convictions? Sky says. “Either that means I’m the luckiest man in the entire world tenfold over or it means that I’m being illegally targeted by the government. Every single time I am arrested the charges don’t stick. Why don’t the charges stick? Because I’ve never actually committed any crimes. Every time they arrest me, they try to discredit me; every time they arrest me they torture me and try to dishearten me; every time they arrest me they think they’re going to slow me down or break me. But all they do is strengthen my resolve each and every time. All they do is increase by base of support each and every time and all they do is embolden me and empower me each and every time.”

Still, the question arises: are members of law enforcement acting independently vis-a-vis their ongoing Chris Sky witch hunt? Or are there players behind the scenes pulling the strings?

Unquestionably, given Sky’s zero-conviction rate, these actions carried out by police seem to be garden-variety harassment. And it needs to end, unless, that is, Canadians are content with living in a democracy that more and more resembles a police state.

Check out our interview with Chris Sky, in which he pulls no punches...

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