POLICE STATE: Trudeau's bodyguards shut down independent press

The prime minister's personal security detail is not interested in freedom of the press.

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Last Thursday evening, Prime Minister Trudeau paid a visit to the Brickworks Ciderhouse in the east-end of Toronto.

The event was advertised as follows: “Join us for a unique in-person event with the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, hosted by Adam van Koeverden [MP for Milton, Ont.], as we look at the next steps in our Liberal government's work to build a better, stronger, and more resilient Canada.”

Alas, not everyone was invited, of course.

Apparently you had to have deep-pockets, and you definitely had to be double-vaccinated. As for media? Sorry, only government-approved/government-funded journalists were allowed to attend this swank affair.

So it was that my cameraman Lincoln Jay and I waited outside the restaurant on a public sidewalk with the hope of asking the prime minister a question: why is it that the Justin Trudeau Liberals are admonishing Canadians to NOT get together over the Christmas holidays due to COVID-19 worries, yet the PM can take part in a Christmas shindig in a jam-packed restaurant?

Indeed, check out this recent Tweet from Associate Health Minister Carolyn Bennett: “I've cancelled my Christmas party... I do think Canadians need to be vigilant... as a new COVID variant is emerging in South Africa.”

(Yes, this is the same Dr. Bennett who years ago voted to deny compensation to victims who were infected with Hepatitis C thanks to a tainted national blood supply; so much for the Hippocratic oath.)

But a not-so-funny thing happened when Justin Trudeau's carbon-spewing motorcade pulled up to the Brickworks Ciderhouse (about an hour late, naturally): I was swarmed by several members of his Royal Canadian Mounted Police goon squad.

In fact, so fast and so vicious was the assault that I never even caught a glimpse of the PM.

I was manhandled, I was shoved, my head was slammed into a wooden fence, my hands were cut open, and my equipment (and wristwatch) were damaged.

But why?

Law enforcement cannot manhandle someone unless they are under arrest. And I certainly was NOT under arrest because no crime had been committed (unless it is now a crime in Canada for independent media to ask impolite questions to elected officials.)

What happened last Thursday night was completely unnecessary and disturbing. Actually, it was downright criminal, and this sordid encounter is truly another indicator that our once great Dominion is increasingly beginning to resemble a police state; a realm in which freedom of the press is no longer respected — or even tolerated.

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