Portland rioters assault cops, homeowners; attempt to burn down police precinct

Portland rioters assault cops, homeowners; attempt to burn down police precinct

Far-left activists rampaged through Portland neighbourhoods adjacent to the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct late Wednesday. Rioters assaulted homeowners and police, and even attempted to set the precinct on fire.

A mob numbering in the hundreds marched through Portland residential streets towards the East Precinct, where they tore down protective boarding on the building and disabled surveillance cameras before setting the remains of the barricade on fire.

“Several people in the group began to ram a large 2 by 4 piece of wood in to the front glass doors in an effort to shatter them,” the Portland police said. “Other members of the group slammed different heavy large objects into the glass doors as well. The objects included large rocks.”

“By 9:50 p.m., those who had been destructing the East Precinct glass doors successfully cracked them, causing significant damage,” the department added. “Since serious ongoing criminal behaviour continued, a riot was declared at 9:56 p.m. At 10 p.m., the front doors of East Precinct were barricaded and a fire was started using plywood and an accelerant.”

Police say that as they attempted to break up the riot, someone in a truck associated with the group attempted to run over several officers. An unknown suspicious device was also left outside the East Precinct prior to the dispersal.

“The area was secured once the group was cleared from the area and the device was later found not to be an explosive,” the police stated.

“As the officers continued to disperse the group eastbound on Southeast Stark Street, several more projectiles such as heavy rocks the size of shot puts were thrown towards them,” the police added. “Some of these rocks successfully hit officers. Several custodies were taken as the group was dispersed. The group was dispersed to the area of Southeast 113th Avenue and Southeast Stark Street.”

During the night-long protest, rioters chanted “didn’t see sh*t” to remind each other not to speak to police or members of the media.

After the mob was driven from the East Precinct, some rioters made their way to nearby homes and terrorized residents. Antifa militants assaulted one woman who emerged from her home, footage of which was captured on camera. In the video, far-left activists can be seen trying to blind the woman by repeatedly pointing multiple green lasers at her face.

As detailed by Andy Ngo on Twitter, the woman, who for some unknown reason wore a swastika armband, was told to remove the armband or protesters would do so forcibly.