Anti-Illegal Immigration Protest in Dover

Anti-illegal immigration protesters brought Dover to a standstill to protest the government's lack of action on illegal immigration.

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Anti-illegal immigration protesters gathered in Dover on Saturday 4 February to raise awareness about the growing level of illegal immigration into the UK. The protest was intended to highlight the government's inaction when tackling the growing problem of migrants crossing the English Channel via dingy.

The protest marched along Townwall Street leading towards the Dover Ferry Terminals before being met by protestors from Stand up to Racism and Antifa. The two groups of protesters had a brief standoff with each side chanting slogans and insults at the other. 

After a tense few minutes the police separated the two groups and the anti-illegal immigration protest was redirected into the town centre where several speakers addressed the crowd. Citizen Journalist, Steve Laws, was in attendance and gave a the final speech to a loud applause from protestors and members of the public who had stopped to listen.

The number of illegal migrant crossings in the English Channel by small boats with the assistance of the RNLI has increased dramatically since 2020 and the UK government is struggling to contain the situation. This increase of illegal crossings has led to large backlogs in the UK asylum system and the government is struggling to find temporary accommodation to house the new arrivals.

Like many senior politicians before him, Rishi Sunak, has vowed to bring an end to the illegal crossings. However, many protestors believe this is all talk from the PM as previous politicians have failed to keep their promises to tackle illegal immigration.

One of the main concerns the anti-illegal immigration protestors have is a rise in crime both on a local and national level. The alleged rape of a British schoolgirl by Afghan asylum seekers in a Dover school was highlighted as one of the reasons the protest was arranged.

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  • By Callum Smiles

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