Quebec Mask Exemption

Quebec Mask Exemption
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People age 10 or over must wear face covering on public transit (including taxis and car services), and in enclosed or partially enclosed public spaces (e.g. retail businesses, private office of professional, churches, educational institutions, etc.)


  • People who are unable to put on or take off mask by themselves due to a physical disability
  • People with facial deformities that prevent wearing of mask
  • Peoples who, due to cognitive impairment, are unable to understand the requirement or for whom wearing a mask or face covering causes significant disorganization or distress
  • People who have a severe skin condition on the face or ears that is significantly aggravated by wearing a mask or face covering
  • People receiving treatment or services, or engaging in a physical activity or other activity, that requires mask to be removed
  • People removing mask momentarily for identification purposes;
  • People who work or practice their profession in a place accessible to the public, except when they are in a lobby, reception area or elevator in an office building other than an apartment building
  • People in the following places, while seated and respecting physical distancing:
    • In the classrooms of an educational institution
    • In a place where activities or services of a cultural or entertainment nature are offered
    • In a restaurant, a food court or a bar 
    • In another enclosed or partially enclosed place accessible to the public where people can be seated


Updated as of February 16, 2021

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