REACTIONS: Federal government to ban single-use plastics

We spoke with residents in Edmonton to get their perspectives on the federal government implementing the ban.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plastics ban has made headlines worldwide.

Plastic shopping bags, stir sticks, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plastic aluminum can ring carriers and other items are all going to be illegal in Canada. Single-use plastic is now listed as a schedule one toxin alongside real poisons like lead, asbestos, and mercury.

Some people estimate that banning the products could wind up costing average Canadians a whole lot of money while not having much of an environmental impact at all. According to the government's own data, the plastics industry contributes $35 billion to the Canadian economy.

Even Justin Trudeau's friends at the World Economic Forum admit that much of the world's plastic pollution comes from 10 rivers, eight of which are in Asia, and none of which are in Canada.

Banning plastics doesn't just add to the cost of your takeout, it makes life far more inconvenient and expensive while jeopardizing Canadian jobs and doing nothing to combat real pollution.

Rebel News took to the streets of Edmonton to hear what you had to say about the plastics ban. Some people thought it would help the economy, others thought it was useless.

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