BREAKING: Rebel News reporter David Menzies has been released from jail

Toronto Police smashed our journalist David Menzies’ head when they arrested him.

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David Menzies just got out of jail, more than three hours after he was falsely arrested and jailed.

And the first thing I noticed was the cut on his head.

That cut wasn’t from the Hamas extremists who assaulted David.

That cut was from the police, who roughly threw David into the back of a police truck, knocking his head against the roof. They also tightly forced his shoulders back, deeply aggravating a previous injury.

The police roughed him up.

That’s outrageous. That’s absolutely a personal vendetta. That’s Toronto police showing total cowardice towards actual criminal gangs but abusing and punishing a peaceful journalist.

I’m sick of it. We’re going to defend against the bogus charges today. But when those charges are thrown out, we’re not done.

That’s when we’re getting started: suing the Toronto Police, to teach them that they just aren’t allowed to beat up Canadian journalists.

This is Canada, not Gaza.

If you want to help me cover David’s legal expenses, please do — we need all the help we can get. (Thank you.)

I’m really getting sick of this — which is why we need to get a judge to put a stop to it.

Please make a donation to help us get to court — thanks.

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We're sick and tired of the RCMP and police targeting, harassing and intimidating one of Canada's best journalists, David Menzies. Please show your support for David, and help us fight back against Trudeau's thugs, by purchasing Stand With David gear!


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