Rebel News' win over Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault makes international waves

The humiliating legal case against Guilbeault goes global and sets a precedence for speech and press freedom, in addition to the $20,000 legal fees the minister was ordered to pay.

Rebel News' win over Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault makes international waves
The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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Rebel News has crushed Steven Guilbeault in the Federal Court of Canada after the Liberal cabinet minister blocked us on “X” (formerly Twitter), effectively kicking us out of the public square and from receiving government news updates from his department's public Twitter account. Guilbeault essentially blocked his employers — taxpayer dollars fund his salary, after all.

Guilbeault has since been ordered by the court to unblock Rebel Commander Ezra Levant, and, so long as he’s an elected member of Parliament, to never do this again.

The resulting coverage from various sources has been shockingly positive, highlighting that many people still care about freedom of the press and freedom of expression for everyone.

Various outlets immediately published the Canadian Press story detailing the victory.

Columnist Lorrie Goldstein from the Toronto Sun posted a link to an article that includes a comment from University of Ottawa professor Michael Geist, who says the resultant order “sends a strong signal about the state of the law.”

Toronto Star likewise ran the story highlighting the constitutional rights claim used against Minister Guilbeault.

Likewise, National Post columnist Bryan Passifiume included a quote from the Rebel Commander in “describing the decision as a rejection of cancel culture.”

An Edmonton Journal article notes that Guilbeault’s office declined a request for comment after the minister was ordered to pay Levant $20,000 as part of the settlement.

Levant took to X to pose the cheeky question — will Minister Guilbeault use his own money or taxpayer dollars to repay the amount? The majority voted that he’ll make taxpayers pay.

French media Noovo Info also ran the story.

Similarly, the humiliating outcome is making international news all the way in Japan!

Begrudging coverage from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada’s state broadcaster) points out that the case included instances where Levant called the humiliated minister a “thug” and a “kook.”

Geist reinforced in his assessment that “government ministers should not be blocking access to their feeds,” and confirmed the litigation's claim that the mute button feature would have been a more reasonable approach in a column on his Substack.

The win is a reminder that in the hallowed halls of democracy, the power still resides in the hands of the people and it is their duty to hold politicians accountable when they falter.

Levant says “Make politicians afraid again,” to prompt us all that the true strength of democracy lies in citizen vigilance.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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