Recycling is just one of many pointless ways to prove your allegiance to the environmental cult

Ezra explained how recycling is hardly environmental, but just like COVID masks and airport security, it doesn’t matter if it makes a difference as long as you’re showing that you care.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra delved into how in many cases, recycling requires more energy than producing new materials, making it environmentally unsound. 

He talked about how a few years ago, even China stopped receiving recycling from Canada:

China has banned 24 kinds of waste from abroad in effort to tackle growing environmental disaster. Now, don't get me wrong. China is still by far the world's largest polluter of every sort, from the air to junk in water to adulterated food and medicine.

When I visited China about 15 years ago, the big news was China was making toothpaste and sweetening it with antifreeze. I kid you not. They have a long way to go before things are healthy and safe there.

But apparently, they've grown up beyond being our garbage collectors. And so the question became, where would Canada's recycled garbage go if not to China?

He also explained how recycling isn’t really environmental at all:

And don't think that the Chinese actually recycled it. They probably burned it. And the reason is pretty obvious it is uneconomic to recycle most things, paper, plastic, glass, et cetera. Only some metal really has enough intrinsic value that it makes sense to recycle it. Most of the things are a net cost to recycle. As in, it's actually environmentally unsound to try and recycle old versions.

It takes more energy than just to make a new version of the thing. That's not environmental, that's not economic at all.

He said that the point of recycling is to show that you’re doing the work, regardless of whether or not it actually makes a difference:

Do you think this was a secret? Well, it's certainly not a secret now, is it? But do you doubt that they'll keep insisting that you sort your garbage into three, four or five different bins? Even though they're going to the same place?

Why? Because it's a belief system. It's a religious ritual. We used to have real religious rituals, you know, but that's gone. So the pagan superstitions of the green cults have taken up the space that our real religions used to fill in our lives. The ceremony, the pageantry, it's a belief system. It's how to feel righteous and holy, maybe not closer to God, but closer to Greta [Thunberg].

We have a lot of things like this.

Airport security theatre — it's a belief system. I don't think they've ever caught a terrorist in 22 years. COVID masks — first they were for them, then they were against them. And now they admit that they didn't work but, but it's just for show, it's theatre.

And of course, recycling is the same way.

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