BREAKING: Regional Victoria gym to OPEN defying "the lying premier's" lockdown

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Owner of CrossFit in Sale, Victoria, announced his gym is reopening from this Saturday.

Steve Kiely, who reached out to Rebel News via is urging Melbourne gyms to also open.

"We only have a 0.5 rolling 14-day Coronavirus case average, and Daniel Andrews is still not opening us back up in regional. This is your future if you don't do something now", Mr Kiely told me.

The CrossFit owner says he was initially hit by the bushfires and then the never-ending lockdown.

Under current restrictions, regional Victoria allows pubs to have up to 40 patrons, while gyms are totally shut.

Mr Kiely says he waited until the long-anticipated announcement on Sunday but was left disappointed by Daniel Andrews "lies".

"We are the safest industry, I have gone above and beyond with installing $10,000 contact tracing and cleaning systems. It's time to open up".

Last week, a hair salon and retail shop re-opened in Melbourne.


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