REPORT: Up to 60 per cent of Canadian restaurants could permanently close within three months

REPORT: Up to 60 per cent of Canadian restaurants could permanently close within three months

A report issued by Statistics Canada and supported by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce found that 60 per cent of restaurants in Canada could fail within the coming three months. 

The study, titled the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, found that 29 per cent of accommodation and food service businesses were unable to operate whatsoever while abiding by the social distancing measures laid out by government regulations. 

Additionally, a further 31 per cent of these establishments will only have the ability to keep their businesses operational for up to 90 days with social distancing restrictions being enforced.

Combined, the numbers show that 60 per cent of the industry is facing very difficult challenges as the country moves into the last quarter of the year amidst concerns over a second wave of COVID-19. 

Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said that the time to act, is now:

Across Canada, our restaurants are where we meet for business or pleasure, where we got our first job and where our families spend a night out. Simply put, our restaurants are cornerstones in our communities. The ‘Our Restaurants’ campaign underscores the urgent need for Canadians – both the public and our governments – to come together to support these businesses in their time of need.

We can all make a difference. Canadians need to observe safety measures while also starting to resume our normal lives, including being able to go out for a meal. Everyone also needs to remind their elected representatives of the importance of our restaurants in our lives.

Accommodation and food service businesses according to the government includes "establishments primarily engaged in" thing such as: 

providing short-term lodging and complementary services to travellers, vacationers and others, in facilities such as hotels, motor hotels, resorts, motels, casino hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations, housekeeping cottages and cabins, recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds, hunting and fishing camps, and various types of recreational and adventure camps.

According to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, as of 2016, there were more than 94,000 restaurants across the country, employing roughly 1.2 million Canadians, making up around 7 per cent of the country's workforce.