Responding to Maxime Bernier's 'Canada First' view on the Israel-Hamas war

Ezra Levant shares his view on why he thinks the People's Party of Canada leader has missed the mark on this issue.

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After leaving the Conservative Party of Canada to form his own party, Maxime Bernier became a prominent figure among Canadians opposed to the public health tyranny imposed by bureaucrats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bernier then found himself voicing opposition to Canada's support blank-cheque approach to supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia. Now, he's taking his “Canada First” approach to the Israel-Hamas war following the terror organization's attack on the Jewish state.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra responded to Bernier's comments. Unlike in the past, this time, Ezra said, Bernier was off the mark.

Referring to his courageous acts to stand against COVID policies, Ezra gave his view on why he thinks the People's Party of Canada leader is missing the point in this case:

There's a lot of Muslim and Arab supporters of Bernier, which is great. Including his past candidates, which is great. But I think Bernier is worried about losing their support, and he's already losing support to [Conservative Leader] Pierre Poilievre on other issues.

Bernier did really well when the Red Tory Erin O'Toole was the Conservative party leader. Under him, the Conservatives — I don't even want to use that word — they were against the truckers, they were against the convoy, they were for vaccine mandates (or at least didn't oppose them).

Even for the carbon tax. Erin O'Toole was for the carbon tax, isn't that crazy? But now, Pierre Poilievre is the leader and he's none of those things. There are fewer and fewer differences between Bernier and Poiliere, and that means that the People's Party vote is sort of sliding back to Poilievre. 

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