Does Israel want Canada's help? Or does it just want us to not interfere with them helping themselves?

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Tonight, Ezra asks is Canada's help what Israel needs, or just non-interference? As the world watches the horrific news coming out of Israel, questions arise about Canada's stance on international conflicts. 

In a recent tweet, Maxime Bernier raised a compelling question: should Canadians focus on international conflicts, like those in Ukraine and the Middle East, or prioritize domestic concerns? His hashtag, #CanadaFirst, echoes the sentiment of many who are skeptical about Canada's involvement in global affairs.

From Trudeau's foreign policy missteps to the skepticism surrounding foreign aid, Bernier's concerns strike a chord with many Canadians. However, his recent tweet, seemingly criticizing those who care about international conflicts, misses the mark.

Bernier's call for a Canada First approach raises important questions about our involvement abroad. However, his focus on Israel seems misplaced.

While he questions the allocation of resources, his argument lacks specificity. Israel hasn’t been a significant recipient of Canadian aid, unlike Ukraine, which has received substantial support.

The heart of the matter lies in Bernier's failure to distinguish between victims and perpetrators in the ongoing conflict.

His tweet, although perhaps politically motivated, comes across as dismissive and heartless to those affected by the recent violence.

Instead of addressing the root cause, he lumps victims and aggressors together, failing to acknowledge the brutality of the situation.

This misstep appears rooted in political calculations. Bernier, known for his courage, seems hesitant to alienate a portion of his support base. His reluctance to denounce the pro-Hamas rallies across the country is evident. By sidestepping this crucial issue, he dilutes his message and leaves Canadians questioning his stance.

In this defining moment, where emotions run high, Canadians expect their leaders to condemn evil unequivocally. Bernier's refusal to do so, even if driven by political considerations, is a disheartening departure from his usual straightforward approach.

If he chooses to address these concerns on a public platform, Canadians are ready to listen. However, until then, his Canada First narrative appears muddled, lacking the clarity and conviction that once defined his stance.

GUEST: Rebel reporter Avi Yemini joins Ezra from Sderdot, Israel with an update on the conflict.

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