Retired veterans share their perspectives on the Freedom Convoy and Justin Trudeau!

‘I firmly believe that had the prime minister met the convoy, it never would have deteriorated into what happened, we would have saved millions of dollars, and these people would not be on trial today,' said Maj. Barbara Maisonneuve. 'The result of the convoy was his fault and he should have known better.’

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On Thursday, September 7, the Conservative Convention commenced with its opening ceremony at the Centre des Congrès in Quebec City. The event featured a lineup of speakers, including several members of parliament and a veteran couple, Retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuve and his wife, retired Maj. Barbara Maisonneuve, who delivered speeches.

Barbara and Michel Maisonneuve delivered an eloquent speech about Canada, our culture, and our heritage.

During her speech, Madame Maisonneuve gave a shout out to the Freedom Convoy, stating:

Canada deserves a common-sense Prime Minister who would unite us all, recognize, respect, and embrace the differences of this vast country. A Prime Minister who will create policies that make us all better off, one who will bring together his vision and ensure there is a place for every Canadian on his team.

A Prime Minister for all Canadians who would unite us by making us see that we all count, that every Canadian counts, no matter who they voted for.

If Canadians feel strongly about something, a Prime Minister should listen, not attack or insult them. If thousands of Canadians feel so strongly about something that they get into their vehicles and drive to Ottawa to be heard, the Prime Minister should pay attention.

Regarding the National Defence, Michel Maisonneuve mentioned, "We Canadians generally don't pay enough attention to national defense. It doesn't become a priority. It's just not a priority. And how do you make it a priority? Well, the Prime Minister has to say that this is a priority. All the departments are going to help. We're going to fix our national defense."

"Somebody has to start looking after Canadians, and that's the biggest issue. Once they do that, the economy, defense, and... people are laughing at us in the world now, and that never happened before," added Barbara.

This insightful interview provided more information about the country's security and defense situation.

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