RIOT AFTERMATH: Business Owners Assess Damage After Night of Destruction

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YouTuber and commentator Austen Fletcher (Fleccas Talks) hit the streets and storefronts of downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) to check in with local small business owners after a night of protests quickly turned into riots.

The damage left many entrepreneurs (some of whom were set to re-launch their stores, post-COVID-19) in shock, and their stores a shambles.

It may be surprising to some, but most of the shop owners were quick to condemn any notion of the demonstrators as "protesters," preferring to label them "thieves" or criminals of some kind.

For one business owner, half of his inventory was taken leaving him unsure if he will attempt to continue having a storefront in the DTLA area.

Another owner received a call from his security company to inform him the alarm at his shop had been set off.

Before he could make it there, he was inundated with calls and emails about violence in the area.

With President Trump enforcing a curfew with the help of military presence, who knows how long this illegal activity will fester.

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