Scottish city bans meat from schools

Edinburgh is boasting about becoming the first European capital city to ban meat in schools (and the first city to proudly deprive children of nutrients).

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Edinburgh has become the first European capital city to pledge to ban meat from school lunch programs as a signatory of the “plant-based treat” in an effort to combat climate change.

According to the Daily Mail:

"Edinburgh is the second place in the UK to adopt the treaty, launched in 2021, after Haywards Heath Town Council in West Sussex. It is one of 20 worldwide, including Los Angeles."

Edinburgh Council Leader Cammy Day said:

'By endorsing the Plant Based Treaty the Council is expressing support for a treaty to be negotiated at a global level as a companion to the Paris Agreement on climate. The Plant Based Treaty is not legally binding and is modelled on the Fossil Fuel Treaty, which Edinburgh endorsed in March 2022 as the first city in Scotland.'

The promise to go vegan affects not just schools but hospitals and seniors' facilities.

It appears the cognitive health of Edinburgh's youngsters is being sacrificed on the altar of the climate deity.

Animal products, however, are the only source of Vitamin B12, an essential nutrient for neurological health. Children who are B12 deficient suffer from motor skills problems, developmental delays, and stunted growth. B12 deficiency can mimic the symptoms of autism.

Long-term studies on malnourished children in the developing world have demonstrated that as few as two eggs per week is enough to stave off the ravishes of malnutrition.

Studies have likewise shown that supplementation of eggs — as little as one egg per week — can help ward off the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms in elderly subjects.

To help fight back against the war on meat, please visit

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  • By Adam Soos

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