The Canadian government is hell-bent on legalizing hard drugs but is proposing regulations that will require packaged ground beef to be sold with a health warning label.

According to The Globe and Mail, Public Health's goal "is to provide consumers with quick and easy nutrition information and encourage them to make healthier choices, and also to encourage food manufacturers to make healthier products."

While the Trudeau Liberals would likely prefer Canadians live off of a diet of crickets and soy, ground beef remains the most affordable and most commonly consumed cut of beef in Canada.

Labelling a cut of meat that 85% of Canadians still eat every single month not only normalizes an attack on nutrition, but Western farmers too.

With obesity on the rise in Canada, demonizing a healthy and affordable dietary choice like beef is the very last thing Canadians need.

If you agree that the Canadian government must stop vilifying the beef industry, please sign the petition on this page.