SHOCKING: Activists turn trees into "widow-maker" traps near Coastal GasLink in British Columbia

Eco-terrorism has become a rampant problem across the country. When it comes to the Coastal GasLink pipeline, traps have been laid by eco-terrorists to at work sites to maim, injure and even kill people.

Last month when I attended the scene of a radicalized cell of blockaders on the #CoastalGasLink service road west of Houston British Columbia, tire bombs and “widow-makers” were everywhere.

Widow-makers are trees where the base has been carved out, so that it will intentionally fall on vehicles or people using the adjacent roadway.

Most of these boobytraps have been cleared out with RCMP who’ve been patrolling up and down the Coastal GasLink roadway for over a month now, but while I was in the area speaking with workers this week, covering a different story entirely, I came across a fresh widow-maker. A block of ice was positioned in front of the base of the tree, hiding the malicious trap.

In what looked like an effort to claim plausible deniability, the cuts into the base of the trunk were made to look as if a beaver had done the damage. On closer inspection, clean shears on nearby branches, and the lack of the tell-tale teeth marks that beavers leave, it was clear what this really was.