Spirituality shop fined $880 in Ontario for posting mask exemption sign

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No mask, no problem? Not quite...

Spirituality In You is perhaps best described as a “new age” shop. Located in London, Ontario.

The little store is clearly a labour of love for owner Heather Rulton. Indeed, the store’s website notes that the goal of the shop is to “help people connect with their spiritual needs. The spiritual journey can bring many challenges and we want to help, whether looking for products, services, or just compassion; we try to provide it.” And Rulton practices what she preaches by providing help to the homeless as well as those suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

But no good deed goes unpunished in London!

That’s because London’s bylaw department slapped Rulton with an $880 fine. And she has been told there could be even more fines to come.

So, what heinous crime did Rulton commit? Seemingly, being fine with people who have mask exemptions entering her store.

Rulton posted a homemade sign in her window that, in plain language, states the very same message as the official City of London signage states regarding Wuhan virus etiquette?

Indeed, Rulton’s sign notes:

“No mask, no problem. We don’t ask questions cause it’s none of our business.”

Posted beside that homemade sign is the official city mandate which says that masks are mandatory, and laying out a plethora of exemptions (i.e., children 12 and under, those with medical conditions, religious reasons, etc).

So, in other words, the city is communicating exactly what Rulton did: that masks aren’t necessarily mandatory after all!

Yet, for being kind enough to alert her customers to those exemptions, Rulton was slapped with a fine of almost $1,000. It makes no sense! But Rulton will be heading to court to fight this ticket.

We wanted to get the city’s side of the story, but no elaboration was forthcoming. City spokeswoman Monika Guzy simply stated: “Our practice is that we don’t provide comment on any legal matters or potential legal implications; as a result, we won’t be providing any further comment on this.”

Time will tell if Rulton will win in a court of law. But in the here and now in the court of public opinion, Rulton says “99.9 per cent” of the people who have weighed-in on this matter support her – and the message on her sign. Now, that’s the spirit!

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  • By Ezra Levant


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