Supermarket changes name of 'Chicken Kyiv' to show support for Ukraine

Aussie supermarket Woolworths uses name change to signal its backing for war-torn nation

Supermarket changes name of 'Chicken Kyiv' to show support for Ukraine
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Chicken Kiev is out, Chicken Kyiv is in.

Supermarket giant Woolworths has changed the name of its in-house chicken dish to show their support of Ukraine after Russia invaded the country two weeks ago.

‘We hope other food providers can make the same change Woolworths has made.’

According to a spokesperson for Woolworths, the name change is part of a ‘small but meaningful’ action of support for the European nation.

In our discussion … we heard this was a small, but meaningful change we could make to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians living in Australia. Kyiv is the globally recognised name of the capital, so it’s only appropriate that we reflect that in the labelling of the product.

The name change will be made immediately online, and gradually roll out to our own brand products and signage in-store in the coming weeks.

It forms part of a wide anti-Russian boycott campaign within Australia and the West to remove Russian products from supermarket shelves and enforce the Ukrainian spelling of its cities.

The move has been applauded by the Chairman of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisation, who said that, “Woolworths ‘gets it’ – Ukraine is different to Russia.”

#KyivNotKiev is an online campaign that was introduced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in October 2, 2018 – which most of the world’s corporations ignored until it could be used to virtue signal on the global stage. Since the outbreak of war, the movement has gained traction and world-wide attention.

Proponents of #KyivNotKiev want to remove the linguistic relics of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union within the Ukrainian language, particularly in relation to internationally recognised words.

Kyiv became the legal name of the Ukraine capital in 1995.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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