Tamara Lich's lawyer provides update on trial: 'There are some very fundamental freedoms that are at stake here'

'The trial — and normally a mischief trial would take, you know, a day or two — we've now spent 34 days in trial and are scheduled to spend some more.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Tamara Lich's lawyer Lawrence Greenspon joined the show to provide an update on his client's trial.

As one of the most prominent faces of the trucker convoy, Lich is facing charges including mischief and counselling others to commit mischief for her role in the peaceful anti-mandate demonstrations that erupted in Ottawa in early 2022.

Speaking about the trial, Greenspon said, "The evidence so far has established a number of things. One, that there was not just one Freedom Convoy. There were many Freedom Convoys."

"Two, that police invited and directed the truckers as to where to park including on Wellington Street and the downtown core of Ottawa."

Greenspon added, "Perhaps most importantly, that almost from the beginning there was a willingness to work with the police to what we call 'reduce the footprint.' In other words, to reduce the impact on the residents in the downtown core by moving the large trucks...up to Wellington Street onto the parkway and out of the residential areas." 

Commenting on the trucker convoy and the invocation of the Emergencies Act, Ezra Levant said, "I don't think you have to be paranoid or a conspiracy theorist to say hmm, perhaps Justin Trudeau wanted the feeling of crisis, wanted that January 6 moment in the US that's called an insurrection."

"And when the truckers started to peacefully move away, he was losing some moral leverage. That's a theory that I've heard a lot. I believe it by the way."

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