TEASER: Ezra Levant sits down with Geert Wilders tonight on RebelNews+

In his first interview with foreign press, the winner of the Netherlands election joins Ezra Levant for a feature discussion tonight on RebelNews+.

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Tonight, exclusively on RebelNews+, Ezra Levant sits down for a feature interview with Geert Wilders following his Party for Freedom's stunning victory in the Dutch election.

Wilders' huge win comes after he campaigned on reducing the number of immigrants and asylum seekers into the Netherlands, proposing a referendum on the country's position in the European Union, and reducing Islamists' influence in the country.

During their conversation, Ezra asked Wilders about a number of issues:

  • his advice to conservative parties in the West, including in Canada and the United Kingdom;
  • what message he has for those afraid to criticize mass immigration;
  • his thoughts on the wars in Ukraine and Gaza;
  • which world leaders have reached out to him;
  • what he thinks of independent media outlets like Rebel News;
  • his warnings about censorship
  • ...and more!

While the full interview will be available for free tomorrow, Rebel News is offering a discount for signing up and watching the discussion tonight. Get one month free when you sign up for RebelNews+ and use the code WILDERS.

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