TENSE: Watch as Ezra Levant pummels Bill Gates Foundation President about Gates & Jeffrey Epstein

'Don't you think you have an obligation to be transparent?' Levant asked the Gates Foundation President. 'I don't think I'm asking any questions that you haven't heard before. I bet you have answers to all my questions. Why don't you just clear the air on some of these things?'

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Currently in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum, Rebel Commander Ezra Levant had the opportunity to question Christopher J. Elias, the president of Global Development Division at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Recently, new details and documents from The New York Times showed that Bill Gates had a closer connection with Jeffrey Epstein than he initially admitted. The billionaire met with Epstein at least three times, and they planned to use money from Gates' foundation for a charitable fund through JPMorgan, although the plan didn't happen.

According to a statement from Gates' spokeswoman Bridgitt Arnold to Business Insider, the men met "multiple times" to discuss philanthropy, but they did not socialize or attend parties together.

Levant inquired about Bill Gates' perceived influence and power despite lacking elected status. However, Elias did not respond.

He also questioned Elias on the number of times Bill Gates visited Epstein, suggesting there are estimates in the dozens. Levant also inquired about the reasons behind Gates avoiding legal consequences in contrast to others, including Prince Andrew, who are facing legal issues related to Epstein. "How did Bill Gates manage to escape?" asked Levant.

While media empires owned by other billionaires are widely recognized, the scale of Gates' financial support for the contemporary media environment remains less acknowledged.  After reviewing more than 30,000 individual grants, MintPress has discovered that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has contributed over $300 million to finance various media projects.

"Bill Gates has given more than $300 million to media organizations," Levant pointed out to Elias.

Refusing to answer any of these questions, Elias continued to ignore Levant as they briskly walked through the streets of Davos.

"Don't you think just for the public interest, you should have to answer some questions about the billions of dollars you spend distorting public policy? Who have you met with here? And will you ever disclose that or do you precisely come to Davos?" Levant asked.

He also questioned if meetings are kept secret and if no one knows about them. "Do you ever talk to the media or only media that Bill Gates buys?"

"Don't you think you have an obligation to be transparent?" Levant asked. "I don't think I'm asking any questions that you haven't heard before. I bet you have answers to all my questions. Why don't you just clear the air on some of these things? Why do you think you're above scrutiny?"

In their initial encounter on the Upper East Side in 2011, Epstein and Gates were accompanied by Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin and her 15-year-old daughter. While six sources informed Business Insider that Epstein served as the godfather to their eldest daughter, the family disputes this claim.

Spokespeople for the Dubin family previously mentioned that they spent less time with Epstein after he left jail in 2009. They asserted that if they had known about this year's allegations, they would have cut ties with him. The Dubins' representatives declined to comment on The Times' story when asked on Saturday.

After a meeting with Epstein, he sent emails praising Bill Gates to friends, as reported by The Times. In an email to his colleagues the next day, Gates mentioned, "A very attractive Swedish woman and her daughter dropped by, and I ended up staying there quite late."

"What did Bill Gates mean when he wrote that email about meeting a Swedish mother and her daughter at Epstein's?" Levant asked. "That's a pretty incriminating thing to say."

Once again, after all these crucial questions, Christopher Elias refused to answer any of them.

Rebel News will have much more to report over the next week, where we'll be putting tough questions to the powerful people we can find. You can follow all of our coverage and support our independent journalism at WEFreports.com. Bookmark that page and check back often!

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