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“That's Rebel!” Jonathan and Mama Yaniv back in court, beckons cops

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Long time Rebel viewers know the story of Jonathan AKA Jessica Yaniv.

Except it’s no longer Jonathan, or even Jessica Yaniv: you see, now, the individual who takes pride in extorting immigrant women who won’t wax male genitalia to earn a living, now goes by the name of Jessica Simpson.

And now he's back, suing three of the aestheticians targeted in his failed Human Rights complaint, demanding back the $2,000 he was forced to pay each woman last year. Rebel Anna Slatz explains the new suit here.

Earlier this week, both Jonathan Yaniv AKA Jessica Simpson, along with and Mama Yaniv attended court in Surrey, British Columbia for two separate appearances:

  • In the morning, Jessica Simpson appeared in relation to his assault of Keean Bexte. You can relive the moment by clicking here.
  • The second appearance of the day was scheduled to deal with Yaniv’s sentencing for possessing a prohibited weapon related to an infamous livestream interview with transgender women YouTuber Blaire White. You can watch Keean's in-person interview with Blaire here.

Keeping up with all of Yaniv’s predatory behavior doesn’t come cheap.

We’ve had to fly reporters out to her court appearances, hire a lawyer to counteract his lies and pay for bodyguards.

We could definitely use your support with managing David and Keean's legal proceedings against Yaniv, so if you are able to, please head to Thank you!

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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