The connection between immigration and emissions | Michelle Stirling on green energy

Friends of Science communications director Michelle Stirling joins The Gunn Show to explain how Canada's immigration policy is at odds with its environmental aspirations.

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Michelle Stirling of Friends of Science joined last week's episode of The Gunn Show to dissect some of the hyperbole surrounding climate change that was discussed on the campaign trail during Canada's election. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the talk surrounding the climate during the election cycle focused on how perilous the present situation was.

One topic that isn't given attention on this national stage is the link between immigration and energy consumption.

As Michelle explained:

If you look at the ratio of immigration from 1990 to present, you note Canada's emissions have been pretty much flat. But our population grew by 37 per cent. And just so you know, our federal government has a plan in place called the Century Initiative, they want to bring 63 million more people to Canada. And yet at the same time, they've implemented the net zero accountability climate accountability law, bill C-12, which forces us to meet targets.

So, you know, these are in direct contradiction to each other. You can't have more people coming here, and most of the people who are coming here in terms of population sources, the statistics show us that people are coming from China, the Philippines and India — those are the greater portion of immigrants to Canada at the present time. All of those are far less emitter countries, they're far more temperate and when people move here they obviously have to become higher consumers of energy, greater emitters, because otherwise you'd die.

So these polices are working in opposition to each other and nobody is talking about it.

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