The fight in Ottawa for property rights and procedural fairness concerns us all

There is a fight for property rights and procedural fairness in Ottawa taking place right now that you may not know about.

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The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights has been in Federal Court for over a week as part of a six-party legal challenge of the Liberal government's unfair May 2020 sneaky order in council ban of over 1500 models of Canadian shotguns and rifles.

The cost of legal challenge for the CCRF alone tops $2 million. Still, according to Tracey Wilson of the CCFR, the Feds are filling the courtroom with lawyers to ensure their attack on law-abiding Canadians' property rights stands up to a robust legal challenge.

Tracey joins me tonight in an interview we recorded yesterday afternoon after she spent a long day in court to update Canadians on the fight for fairness for gun owners and how they can get involved.

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