The Sky’s the limit! Anti-lockdown proponent Chris Sky kicks off his mayoralty campaign

Sky believes something fishy is going on regarding the number of Torontonians who are eligible to vote in the June 26 by-election.

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The scene was a joyous one in east end Toronto last Saturday when Chris Sky (a.k.a., Saccoccia) kicked off his mayoralty campaign. Under a gorgeous sunny sky, a bouncy castle rocked with youngsters (thankfully, the Ottawa Police Service was not informed); burgers and hot dogs sizzled on a barbecue; live music blared and an ice cream truck distributed frosty treats.

It was a downright festive occasion, even though Chris Sky is in a feisty mood these days. For example, mainstream media has shunned covering his mayoralty campaign. He has not been invited to any of the debates. And after doing a little research, Sky believes something fishy is going on regarding the number of Torontonians who are eligible to vote in the June 26 by-election.

Case in point: there are almost 1.9 million eligible voters in Hogtown, which is an increase of about 300,000 voters compared to October 2022 when the last municipal election took place. During an interview, Sky said he’s concerned that shenanigans are already afoot to make sure an establishment candidate wins the election given the unexplained uptick in voters.

Sky also took the opportunity to bash the integrity of the polling firms that have pegged leftist Olivia Chow as the prohibitive favourite.

And Sky didn’t hold back on his disdain for John Tory. During COVID-19, the disgraced ex-Mayor of Toronto made people’s lives miserable in the name of “safety.” Social distancing circles were spray-painted upon parkland; masking was enforced; ma & pa shops were forcibly shut down (while it was business as usual at the big box stores); and vaccination was strongly encouraged. And yet, all the while, His “Dishonour” was engaged in horizontal jogging with a female staffer at City Hall! Talk about chutzpah; talk about hypocrisy.

With 102 candidates vying for the city’s top job, this mayoralty election is like none other before. And Sky remains a very polarizing candidate indeed. A quick glance at the Twitterverse indicates that people either love or loathe Chris Sky. Examples: Bill writes: “He [Sky], like others, is a hustler, interested in his own self interests.”

On the flip side, so many others are huge fans of Sky. Robert Bergeron writes: “Thanks Chris we love you.” Val Anne writes: “God bless Chris Sky.”

We shall find out in less than a month if Chris Sky has more fans than haters – and whether that number of fans is of a sufficient magnitude to get him into the mayor’s seat. Stay tuned.

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