“These people don't matter to the gov't” | Andrew Lawton on impact of coming Ontario curfew

Wiith Quebec entering into an 8 p.m. curfew on Saturday evening, and Ontario seemingly about to begin rolling out something similar, Canada seems set to face a second wave of restrictions on civil liberties.

On Friday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, True North's Andrew Lawton joined Ezra to discuss how these increased restrictions will continue to impact the regular people, and not so much those who are enforcing the rules.

[A] lot of the small businesses that have somehow managed to survive lockdown 1.0 and are in the midst of lockdown 2.0, trying to make their best go at things, they will have to shut down and restrict hours severely. Businesses will have to restrict hours if there's a curfew.

Now imagine you're a business owner who is allowed to stay open in some form and you don't have employees because you can't afford them, you've had to lay them off. So you're at your store from open to close, where are you supposed to go to get groceries after you're done work?

These 24-hour grocery stores that have become the lifeblood of some communities, well those can't exist anymore because oh well, if you're out after 8 p.m. in Quebec or whatever time Ontario sets if they go down this terrible road that is going to be illegal.

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