Toronto kicks cars to the curb (again) — it's for “social distancing!”

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Once again, the progressives never fail to exploit a good crisis...

Well knock me down with a feather! Uber-progressive Toronto City Council and its testicular-challenged mayor, John Tory, are now using the Wuhan virus global pandemic to resume their... War on the Car — big time.

You see, the city is closing several kilometres of roads to vehicular traffic, handing over the precious pavement exclusively to pedestrians and cyclists.

And not just little side streets either, but lanes of major thoroughfares such as Lakeshore Boulevard and Bayview Avenue. It’s to ensure social distancing, you see. Yeah. Right...

But as they say down at the carnival, let’s not kid the kidders here...

This is all about City Council intentionally making driving in Toronto that much more miserable for motorists in the fervent ideological hope they’ll give up the keys to their cars and get around via foot, bicycle or public transit.

In any event, I posed a few questions about the street closures to the mayor’s spokesman, queries that, alas, remain unanswered:

  1. Several of these road closures (such as that on Lakeshore Blvd.) seem unnecessary. The space from the boulevard to the lake in many places is approximately 400 metres. How is a 400-metre spread not enough space for people to practice social-distancing?
  2. Why is social-distancing so important in an outdoor setting given that there has not been a single recorded case of someone contracting the Wuhan virus while outside?
  3. Why was it that just a few weeks ago Mayor Tory was against shutting down Toronto streets but he now supports it?
  4. Is this indeed a permanent shutdown of streets, much like the so-called King Street Streetcar “pilot project” that turned out to be permanent.
  5. You've never offered an answer as to why Mayor Tory and those 10 healthcare workers were never issued $880 tickets for posing closely together for that photo-op on University Avenue a few weeks ago. There was law enforcement there at this time, so why is the mayor exempt from social distancing laws whereas everyday citizens are getting dinged almost $1,000 for simply sitting on a park bench?


In the meantime, enjoy the gridlock, folks. It’s for your own good, after all...

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