Toronto MP calls for action against rising hate

'I want to remind our prime minister Justin Trudeau, that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,' said Kevin Vuong.

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Kevin Vuong, a Toronto member of Parliament who sits as an independent, expressed his deep concern over the surge of hate crimes in Canada, particularly targeting the Jewish community. Vuong highlighted the lack of vocal opposition from political leaders and called for urgent action to address this pressing issue.

"I think it's been absolutely shameful that in Toronto, where we have 25 members of Parliament, 25 members of provincial Parliament, 25 city councilors, not including the mayor, I can probably count on one hand how many of the 76 of us have actually had the courage to stand up for what's right and call out the hate that's happening on our streets," Vuong stated, emphasizing the need for political courage in confronting hate speech and actions against the Jewish community.

Vuong underscored the importance of condemning every act of hate and antisemitism unequivocally. "Every act of hate, of antisemitism needs to be called out, and we need to take action to hold people accountable," he emphasized, urging leaders to uphold the rule of law and protect vulnerable communities.

Regarding the recent motion in the House of Commons to work towards recognizing Palestine as a state, Vuong expressed disappointment, especially considering the rising tensions and hate speech targeting Jewish Canadians. He called for solidarity and emphasized the need for leaders to address the concerns of all communities, not just select groups.

Vuong also criticized the lack of response from political leaders to incidents of hate and violence. "Our leaders are seeing this and their voices are absent. They are missing in action," he lamented, calling for decisive action to combat hate and ensure the safety of all Canadians.

In conclusion, Vuong urged leaders to prioritize the safety and well-being of all Canadians and to stand up against hate and discrimination. "Action needs to be taken," he emphasized, calling for unity and leadership in the face of rising hate crimes.

Kevin Vuong had a message to be heard, "I want to remind our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us."

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