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Toronto's refugee hotel: Where are the fines for breaking social distancing?

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Yet another development on Canada’s quasi-border crossing closure policy. It hardly received any press, but on April 14, Trudeau's Cabinet enacted new regulations allowing police to ticket cross-border scofflaws up to $1,000 (plus $100 per child if there are any children in tow) as a penalty for ignoring quarantine orders.

The Department of Justice said ticketing would save the cost of prosecutions under the Criminal Code according to a story in Blacklock’s Reporter.

Staff wrote in a notice:

“Ticketing to a large extent is intended to reduce pressure on the courts, resulting in savings for the government in terms of prosecution costs and enable the courts to focus on matters that require judicial consideration”.

And there are other fines that can be applied. Including:

  • $275 for “failure to answer a relevant question” or providing a “false or misleading statement”;

  • $500 for “failure to comply with a reasonable measure”;

  • $750 for “failure to comply with an order”;

  • “Those who arrive in Canada must have an adequate plan,” said Dr. Howard Njoo, deputy chief public health officer. “We don’t want incoming travelers going into self-isolation with seniors over age 65.”

OK, so safety first and all that jazz. Yet how does that square with the fact that the Trudeau Liberals said in late March that any illegal aliens who manage to cross into Canada – even those who display symptoms of the Wuhan virus – will not be turned away?

That’s right, someone who is not a citizen and is coughing and running a fever is given full benefits and put up at one of Canada’s refugee hotels but a taxpaying citizen has the book thrown at him?

Apparently in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, there is one rule for the makers and quite a different rule for the takers…

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  • By Ezra Levant


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