BREAKING: Toronto Police just arrested our reporter David Menzies AGAIN

David was attempting to speak with pro-Hamas demonstrators outside City Hall when police intervened and arrested him.

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I just received a phone call from our cameraman: David Menzies has been arrested by Toronto Police, right outside City Hall. And it’s for the same reason David was arrested last time — he was asking journalistic questions of the pro-Hamas hate marchers.

Those foreign-funded extremists were actually attempting to “crash” a pro-Israel vigil marking the terrible six-month anniversary of the Hamas attack on Southern Israel, and the holding of hostages ever since.

Imagine how depraved the pro-Hamas counter-protesters must be. It would be like crashing a funeral.

David went over to ask them some questions — it’s a matter of public interest and they were in a public place. But Toronto Police swooped in to arrest him. The police were actually acting as the bodyguards of the Hamas bigots.

This is a quick video put together by our videographer, Efron Monsanto, who was with David covering the hate march. 

I’m heading downtown right now to find David at the police station. I’ve already contacted our lawyer, Leora Shemesh, who knows all about police excesses. We will continue to share updates once David is released.

We will obviously not rest until David is free. But that will not be the end of it. It will only be the end of the beginning.

Because once he’s free, we are going to file the mother of all lawsuits against this two-tier policing that allows Hamas hate marchers to terrorize the city with impunity, but cracks down on peaceful journalists like David.

Please help me fight for David, by covering our growing legal bills. You can do that at I’m sorry to ask for your help again, but we need it again. Because Toronto’s police are acting as pro-Hamas thugs again. And they need to be told that’s wrong, again.

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We're sick and tired of the RCMP and police targeting, harassing and intimidating one of Canada's best journalists, David Menzies. Please show your support for David, and help us fight back against Trudeau's thugs, by purchasing Stand With David gear!


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