Toronto pot shop defies lockdown on 4/20

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On April 20 (a.k.a., “Weed Day” — and we’re not talking dandelions here), we dropped by Growers World Superstore in west end Toronto to observe a heapin’ helping of social disobedience taking place.

Indeed, a few dozen customers were in the store (violating the gathering restriction). And they were maskless (violating the face diaper mandate). And they were smoking copious quantities of wacky tobaccy (violating the Smoke-Free Ontario Act). And while the pungent aroma of marijuana was wafting in the air, so too was the scent of freedom and rebellion.

After all, Growers World owner Tom Henry was not going to bend the knee to that lockdown square at City Hall, John Tory, who wants virtually all Hogtown businesses to remain closed — or else.

(Or else what? Just ask Adam Skelly about that...)

Besides, being a Mary Jane merchant for so many years, Tom knows what it’s like to fight for your right to party — and to fight for your right to make a living, for that matter. Thankfully, there were no visits from members of bylaw or law enforcement on this 4/20 Day, and a good time was had by all.

As for Tom, he would like to see retailers and restaurants take a page from the weed dealers of yesteryear: simply open your doors, even if “The Man” doesn’t want you to. After all, what does one have to lose if the government-mandated lockdown is going to make one’s business go up in smoke?

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