Toronto rabbi weighs in on pro-Hamas/antisemitic demonstration outside his synagogue

Rebel News interviewed Rabbi Daniel Korobkin last Thursday, where hundreds of pro-Hamas demonstrators had assembled outside his synagogue.

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It was a sad, sorry, and downright sordid sight that greeted the eyes of Rabbi Daniel Korobkin of the Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto synagogue in Thornhill, Ont., last Thursday.

For right in front of him on the north side of Clark Avenue hundreds of pro-Hamas demonstrators had assembled outside his synagogue.

Thankfully, an even larger group of pro-Israel counter-protesters were on the south side of Clark Avenue immediately in front of the synagogue, almost as if to protect this place of worship.

Disturbingly, the antisemitic rhetoric being espoused by the pro-Hamas types wasn’t subtle, nor was it hidden. Shameful chants of, “From the river to the sea”, “intifada,” and “go back to Poland” were uttered by demonstrators who often appeared to be unhinged.

As well, on several occasions, fights broke out between the dueling protesters. Members of the York Regional Police had their hands full on this day. And later on, as darkness began to take lease, the Mounted Unit from the Toronto Police Service arrived.

The hate-fest began in the early afternoon; it didn’t wind down until late evening. Then again, many pro-Hamas demonstrators get paid an hourly stipend to protest. Little wonder why they were in absolutely no hurry to go home on this day.

As the dueling demonstrations raged, Rabbi Korobkin agreed to an interview with Rebel News. We touched upon a vast array of subjects. Such as: if the roles were reversed – i.e., if Jews and their allies were demonstrating outside a mosque and calling for the genocide of Muslims – would this be tolerated by the police and politicians? 

(The short answer: the rabbi pointed out that this is an uber-hypothetical question given that Jews don’t conduct such demonstrations – and they have no plans to do so in the future).

The rabbi also weighed in on the shocking display of antisemitism that has rocked so many cities in the western world since the Oct. 7, 2023, massacre in Israel. 

(Spoiler alert: Rabbi Korobkin feels that it essentially boils down to a combination of ignorance and indoctrination on campus).

At the end of the day, it was a pleasure to have a civil discussion with Rabbi Korobkin on this day, something that was impossible to facilitate on the north side of Clark Avenue. That’s where Rebel News staffers endured both verbal – and even physical abuse. Sick.

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