Transgender dangerous offender to be released in Ireland, media only identifies him as female

Transgender dangerous offender to be released in Ireland, media only identifies him as female
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Women in Ireland aren’t being given crucial information on a dangerous offender being released from prison today – because the dangerous offender is transgender.

The teen had been charged with sexually assaulting two women and threatening to murder a third in 2019. The assaults took place at a secure holding unit, and the offender was removed and send to a facility reserved for children. Only known by the first initial G, he had expressed repeated homicidal desires, going so far as to detail how he’d like to locate and murder his mother after his release.

In November of 2019, the Tulsa region courts rushed to prevent the teen’s release, noting the troubled boy had repeatedly expressed “a continuing wish to rape and murder,” with G stating it “was a source of pleasure” for him. He was 17 years old and in state care when he sexually assaulted the two women.

Now 18 years old, he can no longer be legally held in special care by the government and is being released into the community with no restrictions. His mother has been evacuated from the region for her safety.

The teen has refused a voluntary detention for the safety of himself and others, despite acknowledging he was a danger to the community.

G is described as having a “severe personality disorder” arising from attachment issues with his mother. It is reported that G had begun abusing his mother at only eight years old. At 13, G sexually assaulted a care home staff in what they describe as a “premeditated” manner. In 2019, G violently assaulted a social worker while being transported from a court appearance. G ripped out “clumps” of the worker’s hair, putting some of it in his pocket, and tore at her eyelids from the backseat of the car.

While the Irish National Police, Gardai, had begun to brief their units as early as November 2019 in anticipation of the G’s release, Irish women are in the dark. Irish media is reporting that the offender is female, with most outlets not mentioning G is transgender and may not appear to be female, making his identification even more difficult. No notice or profile of G is being issued to the public.

Gardai have no knowledge of where G is going to be after his release, and the teen is considered a severe danger to the community.

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