Transman Scott Newgent fights to save children from the harms of medical transition

Newgent advocates for an evidence-driven stance on medical transition, sharing alarming health repercussions, while shedding light on the profit-driven agendas of the pharmaceutical industry regarding child transitions.

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Gender medicine survivor, lesbian, mother and transman Scott Newgent gathered in solidarity with concerned parents on the lawns of the Ontario legislature this past weekend.

The harrowing health consequences described by Newgent post-medical transition resonated with protesters, who gathered at Queens Park to demonstrate against the proliferation of gender ideology in publicly funded schools.

“Medical transition is an experimental process,” explains Newgent, as transactivists circle and swarm the demonstration. “It doesn’t cure anything and it causes massive health issues like blood disorders and heart issues.”

“I’m on blood thinners for the rest of my life. I have had reoccurring infections since I had a phalloplasty. [The infection] won’t go away and one day those antibiotics won’t work and I’ll lose my life. So these are very serious things… what I’m trying to do is get people to understand that this doesn’t have anything to do with human rights.”

Newgent goes on to explain the colossal profits generated by the pharmaceutical industry when transitioning children.

“Puberty blockers are eight times more profitable when they are prescribed to children because it’s a black box drug, which means it’s very dangerous,” Newgent describes.

“The new business model is on the head of your children. These people in our society, in Canada, trying to do the right thing – trying not to be hateful – what they’re doing is not thinking about [things] logically. Speaking about sex to a child, having books in the school systems that [teaches oral sex] is pedophilia. I don’t care who you don’t want to offend... offend everybody.”

Newgent leaves with a message that facts, and the protection of children, are what matters.

“What if we’re butchering children because no one has the ability to have their voice?”

Newgent became the accidental star of Matt Walsh’s ‘What is a Woman?” documentary last year.

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