Trudeau continues to reject carbon tax crisis meeting with premiers

Sheila Gunn Reid reacts to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continuing to avoid a meeting with seven premiers who are fed up with the carbon tax.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still refusing to meet with provincial leaders who are frustrated with the federal government's continually rising carbon tax. Despite insistence from seven of Canada's premiers — representing Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador — Trudeau has remained committed to the tax.

The carbon tax has become such an issue that even hosts from the state broadcaster, CBC, are grilling the prime minister over the issue. 

On Friday's Rebel Roundup livestream, host Sheila Gunn Reid reacted to Trudeau's weak reasoning for rejecting a meeting with the premiers.

“I had the meeting in 2016 [about the carbon tax],” Trudeau told CBC's The Current. “I will continue to talk with premiers, but I will continue to keep pressing [Newfoundland and Labrador Premier] Andrew [Furey] and all others on the actual facts: that we have a plan to fight climate change that puts more money back in the pockets of Canadians that need it.”

Responding to the PM's comments, Sheila pointed out Alberta has had two premiers since that last meeting was held, with former New Democrat premier Rachel Notley representing the Prairie at the time.

“What a lunatic,” Sheila remarked. “It's not just Conservatives that are saying this, and he says well I met with them in 2016, won't they shut up? 2016? That was eight years ago!”

With the country seeing still-ongoing protests against the April 1 hike to the carbon tax, a group representing the protesters held a press conference in Ottawa.

“Canadians are standing up; we are doing it in a peaceful manner,” the spokesperson said. “Expressing ourselves, expressing our concerns, going out of our way to do press conferences — which we never do.”

“Sounds like that guy wants his bank account seized,” Sheila quipped, referring to the Trudeau Liberals' freezing of Freedom Convoy protesters bank accounts during the 2022 protest.

 “You can't be that articulate and hold the politicians to account in Ottawa, speaking truth to power in a peaceful way, and not expect to have consequences at the hands of Justin Trudeau's out-of-control tyrannical government.”

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