Trudeau hires 98K new bureaucrats

'All these bureaucrats in Ottawa, and they still can't meet half of their own performance targets,' said Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Franco Terrazzano.

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Ezra takes a look at a new press release by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) called, "Turn off the hiring machine: Trudeau adds 98K bureaucrats to payroll."

Federal Director of the CTF Franco Terrazzano joins the Ezra Levant Show to discuss Trudeau's decision on hiring thousands of new bureaucrats.

"You know, it's not just the 98,000 new bureaucrats, it's the percentage of growth since Trudeau took office," said Ezra. "He came into power really in 2016. He was elected in 2015, and there were just over a quarter million bureaucrats then. That's a lot. But to go from 259000 to 357000 is such a staggering proportionate increase, I think that's 40%."

Terrazzano responded:

I mean, look, was there a bureaucrat shortage in Ottawa before Trudeau came to power? Of course not. And let's just look at the last year, we talk about the more than 98,000 bureaucrats added to the federal payroll since Trudeau took office. But just look at last year, about 21,000 bureaucrats were added last year.

Now, if you go down Main Street and any large, or medium or even small town and you ask people what they need, they're going to say, Well, 'hey, I'd like some relief so I can actually afford to gas up my truck. You know, I'd like some relief so I can actually afford to put ground beef in my grocery cart. You know, I'm worried about my mortgage payments. I could definitely use some relief there.'

You know, you're not going to hear from Canadians outside of Ottawa. I really wish I had an extra 21,000 bureaucrat mouths to feed.

"I don't understand what they're doing," said Ezra. "Because we're not doing 40% more things in government, or maybe we are. I don't think we're getting 40% more value. I'm talking about since 2016. I know the population in this country, while it's growing quickly, is not 40% larger. The things Ottawa should be doing, it's failing at. What are these 98,000 bureaucrats actually doing every day?"

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