Trudeau Liberals forced to delay firearms confiscation compensation program

Trudeau's 'buy-back' program for gun owners hit with the Feds' banning of over 1500 models of shotguns and rifles in May 2020 has been delayed to October 2025.

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The so-called "buy-back" scheme for gun owners hit with the Feds' arbitrary banning of over 1500 models of shotguns and rifles in May 2020 was delayed two more years, to October 2025.

The amnesty for Canadians caught up in prohibition initially had until the end of the month to turn in their firearms for destruction or face jail for unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon. Yet, the program to compensate owners and retailers was not in place.

With the wheels falling off the Liberals' big gun grab, they moved ahead with another, banning the Tavor X95 with the stroke of a pen, affecting hundreds of law-abiding owners.

What attacks are the Liberals planning next for the most vetted segment of the Canadian population, and how can they fight back?

Rick Igercich, President of Canada's National Firearms Association, joins the show tonight to break down all the news, good and bad, hitting the firearms community.

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