Trudeau lies in House of Commons during exchange with interim Conservative leader

The prime minister is yet again accusing Conservatives of supporting anti-vaxxers.

Trudeau lies in House of Commons during exchange with interim Conservative leader
The Canadian Press / Fred Chartrand
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A heated discussion between interim Conservative leader Candance Bergen and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau happened in the House of Commons this week.

On Monday, Bergen explained to the Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota that the prime minister does not have to wait in line at the airport, that he can hop on a private jet and go anywhere he wants — unlike unvaccinated Canadians who are not free to travel within or out of the country.

Making a point that Trudeau will go maskless while in another country, as he recently did during a trip to Ukraine, Bergen suggested that the prime minister acts as though COVID does not exist when it suits him.

“Canadians have done everything that they've been asked to do. They have done everything expected of them. When are they going to get back to the pre-COVID life they need and they deserve?” the interim Conservative leader asked.

In response to Bergen's question, Trudeau then lied in front of everyone: 

Mr. Speaker, all Canadians are sick and tired of COVID. We all agree on that one. But wishing it away or ignoring it will simply not make it go away. Over the past months, we've seen more deaths from COVID than from any time in the beginning of the pandemic. We will continue to do the work the Canadians elected us to do just six months ago and do everything necessary to keep Canadians safe. 

Then, this statement by Trudeau further stirred the pot with this additional comment:

I know Conservatives have not been unequivocal on the need for vaccines. They've been hesitant, they've been supporting anti-vaxxers. We will continue to stand on the side of keeping Canadians safe. 

Once again, the prime minister is smearing Conservatives for supporting “anti-vaxxers”, subsequently suggesting that their belief in science is non-existent. 

Wouldn’t it make sense to say that Conservatives want the choice of medical freedom, instead of labelling an entire party, the one that attracted the most voters in last September's election as being anti-science?

“Here he goes again, spreading more disinformation when he's got no valid argument,” Bergen clapped back. “It's disinformation on that side,” she said, referring to Trudeau's repeated claims that Conservatives spread disinformation and misinformation.

The back-and-forth between Bergen and Trudeau dragged on and on, with the prime minister standing firm on his assertion that he is making the right decision and putting Canadians first with his discriminatory pandemic policies.

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