Trudeau's 'climate czar' is the losingest loser in cabinet

Steven Guilbeault has lost three high-profile recent court battles but refuses to come to his senses, even when a judge smacks him down.

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Steven Guilbeault was required to pay $20,000 in costs to Rebel News after blocking journalists from reading his taxpayer-funded X (formerly Twitter) account.

Then Guilbeault lost a legal challenge to Bill C-69, the no more pipelines law, which created an impossible bar for energy projects to achieve approvals. The challenge to the law, led by the province of Alberta, struck down the new requirement to consider social, gender and climate agendas in the regulatory process for energy projects as unconstitutional.

Good things come in threes. Trudeau's Climate Czar just lost another court challenge.

This time, the court ruled against Trudeau's unscientific ban on single-use plastics, which found the safe, sterile petrochemical classified as a Schedule One toxin, along with asbestos and lead.

However, Guilbeault hasn't paid the money he owes to Rebele News. And he vows to keep the no pipeline law and his plastics ban despite the court ruling against him. Like his boss, he thinks the law is for the little guy.

Robbie Picard, of Oilsands Strong and Oil and Gas World Magazine is joining me to discuss Guilbeault's legal losses.

Then, celebrated Canadian Indigenous artist Buffy Sainte Marie is neither Canadian nor Indigenous, according to an investigative report by CBC's Fifth Estate. I ask Robbie, a Metis man, for his take on the latest "pretendian" to be exposed as a fraud.

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