Trudeau’s Vaccine Injury Support Program leaves injured Canadians in limbo while consultants get rich

The pandemic-born Vaccine Injury Support Program by the Justin Trudeau Liberals is overwhelmed, leaving injured Canadians to suffer while bureaucrats scramble and consultants profit.

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An exclusive email forwarded to Rebel News shows that the Liberals' Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) is overwhelmed as some wait up to a year to simply be assigned a case manager.

“Thank you for reaching out to the Vaccine Injury Support Program,” the email reads.

“I confirm we have received your application forms and a case number has been assigned, you will find this in the email subject line. We are in the process of assigning you a case manager due to a high volume of claims. Once a case manager has been assigned they will contact you by phone to discuss your case and next steps.”

The sender even has the audacity to sign off with, "Thank you for your patience.”

This is the agency that grossly underestimated how many vaccine injury claims they would receive – originally planning to process 400 vaccine injury claims every year. There were already 400 claims received by VISP in the first six months of the program.

The Liberals originally estimated a whopping $75 million would be needed to administer this program for the first five years. As of the last reporting date of December 1, 2023, it has already paid out just over $11 million in compensation.

But shockingly, and perhaps even disturbingly, most of the budget allocation for this program ends up in the hands of consultants, who deliver the program.

According to the detailed budget breakdown, which Rebel News obtained through exclusive investigation, the total cost to administer the program was finalized to be $32.2 million over five years. Of that, 60% ends up in the hands of consultants  Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton  for the administration costs totalling $20.3 million.

A mere $12 million was designated to go to the victims of the “safe and effective” narrative.

According to the VISP updates, the government is only $1 million away from reaching that budget allocation, even though the program is supposed to run until 2026.

With just over 2,000 claims having made it through the intense filtering process to get into VISP, only 138 of them have been formally approved by the hand-picked medical review board.

The next VISP statistics report update will come out on Saturday, June 1.

According to a separate Government of Canada report detailing side effects post-COVID-19 injection, there have been almost 59,000 adverse event reports documented, almost 12,000 of them were considered serious, and there have been 488 deaths.

It seems like VISP may have a lot of catching up to do.

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