Trudeau to appoint 'independent, special rapporteur' to make 'expert recommendations' on combatting foreign interference

Guest host Tamara Ugolini discusses explosive allegations surrounding Liberal MP Han Dong and his purported ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Tamara Ugolini examined allegations surrounding Toronto-area MP Han Dong that claim he is a witting asset of the Chinese Communist Party.

As stated by Tamara, "Yesterday, Justin Trudeau announced that he would be appointing a 'special rapporteur' to investigate how the Chinese Communist Party has been working to undermine and infiltrate our country's democracy by meddling in our electoral process."

"Trudeau makes it sound like he's taking it seriously. But our intelligence agency, that's CSIS, flagged these concerns to Trudeau a long time ago, which seemed to mostly fall on deaf ears," Tamara added.

She went on to say, "But of course, who was expecting this same prime minister that has admitted himself, that he admires China's basic dictatorship, to take this kind of interference seriously?"

"After all, it has been reported that 11 Toronto-area candidates were supported by the Chinese Communist Party, the most publicly scrutinized of which is Han Dong in the riding of Don Valley North."

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