Trudeau tosses money around abroad while Canadians struggle to pay bills

Ezra Levant examines Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent trip abroad, where he tossed around more money to foreign countries all while more than half of Canadians are struggling to pay their bills every month.

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Financial disparities in are growing in Canada, with significant shares of the population across the country struggling to pay their bills every month. At the same time, Canada's federal government is handing out billions of dollars to foreign countries and wealthy companies.

The numbers are so bad, in fact, that a recent report revealed more than half of Canadians are just $200 away from not being able to pay bills each month. 

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked examined how while Canadians are struggling at home, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, yet again, travelling abroad and handing out more money, this time making a stop in Latvia before arriving in neighbouring Lithuania for a NATO summit.

Speaking about Trudeau's preference to jet set abroad, Ezra said:

No wonder the coward Justin Trudeau is booed and heckled wherever he goes. No wonder he prefers to take his private jet, at our expense, to foreign countries where he can primp and preen and pretend that he's a star.

Except that that doesn't really work for him any more, people are onto him now.

I mean, the regime media in Canada are still covering for him. But that's just because he pays them. They actually publish things like this with a straight face, I showed this to you the other day.

“Trudeau to play a key role at NATO.” Really?

Here's how the Wall Street Journal, that doesn't take money from Trudeau put it: “Canada Is a Military Free-Rider In NATO”.

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