Two of 'Coutts 3' speak out after pre-trial hearings in Lethbridge

Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik spoke with Alex Van Herk and Marco Van Huigenbos outside the courthouse in Lethbridge.

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Three men facing charges emanating from the peaceful border blockade in Coutts, Alberta in early 2022 had their initial pre-trial hearing take place Monday afternoon in Lethbridge.

The men are being charged with mischief over $5000 for their role in allegedly "leading" the anti-mandate demonstrations that took place near the border crossing of Coutts and Sweet Grass, Montana.

Two of those men  Alex Van Herk and Marco Van Huigenbos — spoke with Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik outside the courthouse. Due to a publication ban, the two men could not speak about what took place at the pre-trial hearing.

Speaking about what's been on his mind as the pre-trial hearing commences, Marco Van Huigenbos said, "Well I'm definitely thankful that we're here and that we're finally moving forward with this prosecution. These charges have been laid since September of 22, and it's been a long time coming."

"The future is uncertainty with the charge this serious, and the possible ramifications of that charge. To some degree life has been put on hold for myself, for my family," he added.

Speaking about his motivations for joining the Coutts protest, Alex Van Herk stated in part, "It was the mandates that were being imposed upon the truckers and all Canadians. They were illegal."

"I appreciate Rebel News supporting us and being here for us and I hope the people keep remembering why we stood there, why we stood on that line for 18 days, and stand by us," he added.

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