Uber-woke Target bans Mark Levin’s new book only to reverse its position amid the resulting uproar. Is Target actually trying to go bankrupt?

Target has every right to stock or not to stock any piece of merchandise, but those in the conservative community responded with outrage.

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Say the term “The Great One” in Canada and everyone knows the conversation is about hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. But south of the border, “The Great One” – at least in conservative circles – is a reference to author and commentator, Mark Levin.

And he is great. Levin has penned a number of bestselling must-read books, including American Marxism, Unfreedom of the Press, and Liberty and Tyranny.

His latest book, The Democrat Party Hates America, is due for release in September. And initially, there was one major retail chain in the U.S. that announced it would not be stocking this tome on its bookshelves. Naturally, that chain would is the proudly woke (and giving its tumbling stock value) going broke Walmart competitor, Target.

Target is still licking its wounds from its disastrous foray into stocking trans-friendly bathing suits. (In other words, swimming costumes that provide a pocket the bikini brief for men to conveniently hide their private parts so they can go on pretending to be women at the beach… kindly ignore the five o’clock shadow and Adam’s apple…). Target also thought it was a jolly good idea to stock a selection of LGBT-friendly kids clothing. Talk about not knowing your target market…

Thanks to this latest salvo of transanity, an untold number of Target customers became ex-Target customers overnight as the chain saw its stock value plunge by a gasp-inducing US$10 billion.

So, what does Target do for an encore? Well, it further enrages conservatives by announcing that it will not be stocking Mark Levin’s upcoming book. You see, the H-word in the title might be triggering to some leftist snowflakes… and we can’t have that now, can we?

Granted, Target has every right to stock or not to stock any piece of merchandise. Nevertheless, those in the conservative community responded with outrage.

As well, Target was downright sneaky about its book ban. Check out this statement that was issued to Fox News by a Target spokesman regarding The Democrat Party Hates America:

We've been offering this book for pre-sale since mid-June. As we have with Mark Levin’s past books, many of which are currently available for sale at Target, we'll offer his newest title for sale when it is available on September 19.

The use of the word 'hate' in the title caused our team to reach out to the publisher, but as stated, we are continuing to offer this book for pre-sale now, and it will be available for sale on its release date.

We regret any confusion this situation caused.

Confusion? Alas, it is Target that is creating the confusion. Because missing from that statement was the fact that originally, The Democrat Party Hates America was only going to be available on Target’s website as opposed to being stocked at Target’s bricks and mortar stores.

But there is an epilogue. Because when Levin called out the retail giant for refusing to sell his book (stating: “Imagine that! So, the corporatist leftwing censorship begins!"), Target did a complete reversal. The following day, Target announced that Levin’s forthcoming book will indeed be made available at its nearly 2,000 stores.

Bottom line: Target’s flipflop makes for another victory against wokeism. Target heard the outcry and responded accordingly. So it is that conservatives )and others) will indeed be able to purchase Levin’s new book at Target stores come September… assuming such consumers still aren’t boycotting Target, that is…

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