U.K. man charged for silent prayer to 'son lost to abortion' outside of clinic

Fatima Gunning, a journalist with independent Irish outlet Gript, joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss her story about a British army veteran who was charged for silently praying in a so-called buffer zone outside of an abortion clinic.

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In theory, the idea of a person being charged for holding a silent prayer seems ridiculous. In practice, it could be argued it's even more ridiculous.

Adam Smith-Connor was approached by police officers in Birmingham, U.K., where he was silently praying for a son he says he lost in an abortion years before.

The story was reported by Gript, an independent outlet in Ireland, which detailed how Smith-Connor, an army veteran, was standing in a so-called buffer zone outside of an abortion facility.

The author of that report, Fatima Gunning, joined yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show for a more in-depth look at this stunning story.

Outlining how in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland some groups are treated differently than others, Fatima told Ezra:

There is a perception that holders of certain ideologies may be treated slightly differently. I'm chronically online because of my job and I see things, I see criticisms being hurled at Christians, Catholics constantly that the same person would not say, I don't think, about somebody from a different faith.

I can only really speak about Ireland — because this is where I live, this is where I'm from — but it seems that a lot of people are OK with bashing Christians.

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