The best Rebel videos of 2023 (so far), including one that passed 1M views

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Hey, you know, back in the days before YouTube censored conservatives, we would published videos that would get a million views almost every week. In fact, that happened when our subscription base, the number of people who signed up for our videos on YouTube was only half of what it is now.

So, you'd think we would be getting twice as many. But alas, we've been throttled and censored demonetized.

So, when a video punches through that million-view mark on YouTube, you know it's special.

We get million view videos quite often on Twitter because it's not censored, and on Rumble, we can sometimes hit those numbers.

But on YouTube, well, it's fighting against the odds. I want to show you David Menzies' recent video about a transgender athlete on a women's sports team:

It's obviously captured the attention not just of Canadians, but people around the crazy Western world for the sheer absurdity of a fella who isn't even trying to change how he looks like.

The guy's got male pattern baldness. He's a man, man. And to see him tackling these women, well, that's only the beginning of the crazy. It gets much crazier because the other girls on his team shriek their defense of him.

It's most astonishing. You'll see why it has a million views now.

I'd like to show you a few other interesting videos from the year that you might not have seen.

We're going to call this the best of 2023, and we're going to leave the super best for last.

GUEST: Fatima Gunning of Gript News from Ireland joins the show to speak about her latest article regarding a U.K. man facing criminal prosecution for silently praying outside of an abortion clinic.

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