Unhinged NDP MLA chases and screams at UCP MLA Jackie Lovely at the Alberta legislature!

Rebel News was very fortunate to be joined by MLA Jackie Lovely to hear her first-hand account of what happened.

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Early this week Jackie Lovely, the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Camrose, Alberta was accosted by Edmonton-Gold Bar NDP MLA Marlin Schmidt at the Alberta legislature following a debate in the chamber.

In a statement, Lovely confirmed that she was chased and screamed at until security intervened and requested that Mr. Schmidt “take a walk,” presumably to cool off.

It goes without saying actions like this are utterly contemptable, and this NDP MLA must be held accountable for his actions. While the speaker of the legislative assembly condemned the incident and Lovely’s colleague Minister Joseph Schow denounced Schmidt for his actions, Schmidt could only offer a half-hearted apology. As of yet, the NDP seem to not be concerned about intimidating male staff tormenting female elected officials and have failed to take action.

MLA Lovely shared the following statement on the matter:

“NDP MLA Marlin Schmidt became enraged over a debate we had in the chamber regarding a private members’ bill on urban parks. Afterwards, he chased me and screamed at me in private to the point where security had to intervene. This is the latest in a long pattern of behaviour from this NDP MLA that is not only unbecoming of a member but downright disturbing. He’s personally attacked UCP MLAs, celebrated the death of a female politician, and made other disparaging remarks. I urge him to reflect on his behaviour and seek anger manager management training and psychological help for what is clearly a negative pattern of behaviour.”

Rebel News was very fortunate to be joined by MLA Jackie Lovely to hear her first-hand account of what happened. She filled us in on the details that led up to the incident, shared about the real fear she felt being intimidated and cornered by a male, and she divulged that she had been too uncomfortable to attend meetings due to Schmidt’s presence and has consequently been attending some sessions remotely.

She also disclosed that she has lost sleep and been sick to her stomach as a result of the shock and anxiety she has endured. We discussed the irony of the purportedly pro-women NDP seemingly supporting their male elected representatives as they bully respected female politicians, and imagined the fervour with which the NDP and their allies would be decrying the UCP as misogynists and bigots had it been one of their representatives berating and cornering a female NDP MLA.

Lovely also expressed that she feels this shocking incident cannot be allowed to pass without consequence, suggesting that at the very least MLA Marlin Schmidt needs to resign immediately.

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